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Here's one tip on how to enhance the customer experience of your website.

Peep the scenario

Ok, so a customer asks you for information that is clearly on the website.

"Why didn't they see that information that we added to the site?" you ask yourself.

This is a scenario that I'm sure many of you have gone through, or something similar.

And if you haven't, the information below will ensure you never will.

When customers are confused about or can't find information on your website, then you have a messaging problem.

It could be that you have the information in front of the customer, but the customer isn't reading it because...

  1. The information is very vague or...

  2. The information is too long and hard to read or...

  3. The information is too generic and sounds like everyone else.

There are a lot of other reasons why your messaging isn't resonating with your customers, but those 3 are the most common in my experience when I work with eCommerce brands.

The best way to combat those messaging issues is to conduct customer interviews.

Customer interviews are great for...

  1. Creating badass headlines that grab your audience's attention right away.

  2. Improving
    click through rates, ROAS (return on ad spend), CAC (customer
    acquisition cost), conversion rates, and eventually revenue.

  3. Accelerating your customers through your eCommerce funnel faster.

Here's my stupid simple process for conducting customer interviews

👉🏿  First, you need to define a goal.

Since we're looking at these interviews from a messaging perspective I like to use the PAS formula (Pain, Agitation, Solution).

Specifically, you're going to look for...

  1. What pain or problem did they have before visiting the website?

  2. How that pain is agitating AF.

  3. How your solution is solving it for them?

👉🏿  Second, you're going to need people to talk to. 

Find 20 of your most VIP customers, email them an incentive and request to schedule a call with you to ask them questions. An incentive can be a $20 discount off their next purchase or a $20 gift card to Amazon. 

Your VIP customers will be able to give you the most detail about why they're excited about your product and the way your products change their life or make their life different, etc.

👉🏿  Third, use this swipe file as a template for your email.

This is the same template that we use to send to our client's VIP customers.

In it, you will offer either a $25 company card or an Amazon, Starbucks, etc gift card worth $25.

You will also need to set up a 30-minute Calendly (or whichever calendar software you use) link for these calls.

👉🏿  Fourth, use this swipe file as your base of questions to ask.

These are essentially the same questions that we use as a foundation for our client's customers.

Usually, we remove questions that may not make sense or add some questions that help us further dig into the answers we need.

You can tailor these questions however you like to fit the needs of your audience.

👉🏿  Fifth, record all of your conversations.

I use an app called TapeACall Pro for iPhone to record my conversations.

Be sure to let the customer know that they're being recorded. You are legally required to do this in the United States.

I usually say something like "If you don't mind, I'm going to record this call so that my team and I can have a proper review of all of your awesome answers. Please let me know if that will be a problem".

I've only had 1 person in the 1,000+ customer interviews that I've conducted have an issue with my recording.

But they still did it, so you shouldn't have much to worry about.

👉🏿  Sixth, start reaching out.

Don't dilly daddle.

Don't stall and don't wait.

Just put your list together, send those emails out, and get the conversations started.

A few things to watch out for when conducting these interviews

  1. Don't ask "Why". Instead, ask "What". When you ask why you put people on the defensive. They will usually start with "Because..." and now they're stuck on defending their answer and you will get biased feedback.

  2. Don't ask loaded questions.

    Here's an example of a loaded question: "Which of the design improvements was your favorite?"

    Loaded questions harshly lead the interviewee into an answer.

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And that's a wrap!

See you again next week.

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